Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Swimming On the Edge

When I was on the plane traveling to Singapore, the guy next to me started talking about all his trips to Singapore and things he’d seen and done. I was amazed that he was telling me to go places that hadn’t been featured in any of the tour books I’d read. Then he pulled out his ipad and showed me a picture he took of this Infinity pool at night with Singapore’s gorgeous skyline in the background, and I knew I had to make a trip to this hotel.

It’s supposed to cost $20 to go up to the Skypark at the top if you’re not a hotel guest, but for some reason, my co-worker and I were waved on as long as we went to Ku De Ta at the top for a drink. We did. Our drinks were $25 a piece, but I have to say, the views were worth it. We would have stayed for the breathtaking views of the skyline at night like my plane companion had, but a storn was rolling in.

Still, I was not disppointed. From here I saw the Infinity pool on one side and then all the ships pulling into port off the other side. I loved that view even more! They looked like little toy battleships all askew, as far as I could see. Imagine it. This is just what fit into my viewfinder, but there were ships as far as the eye could see. It was magnificent!

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