Monday, October 3, 2011

The Buxton Inn

We spent the weekend at the Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio. The historic hotel is rumored to be haunted, especially room #9 and the tavern in the basement. According to Chris Woodyard's Ghost Hunter's Guide to Haunted Ohio, room #9 is reportedly haunted by Ethel "Bonnie" Bounell who died there in 1961. There have been reports of a smoky haze that disguises thumbs and hands. The room is also haunted by Major Buxton, a cat ghost who plays with guest's hair.

Room #9

One former guest who stayed in room #9 said that she loved her room and was surprised to find a cat in there. She said it kept putting its paws up on the window as though it wanted to get out, but she told the cat it couldn't get out that way. When she checked out the next morning, she remarked that she'd liked having the cat in her room and the desk clerk told her that there weren't any live cats there.

There is a curio cabinet filled with ceramic cats, as well as pictures of cats and cat doorstoppers scattered around the inn. All pay homage to Major Buxton who is pictured on the Buxton Inn sign outside.

One hotel employee said that she's experienced things like the door and opening and closing by itself. She's also had trouble with locks and keys not working, and then doors opening right up. She says guests have taken pictures that later include a woman in a calico dress, or a man in a top hat standing on the sidewalk. All sorts of weird things have happened.

Another hotel employee told Woodyard that she was afraid of going down into the tavern alone. She felt like someone was always watching her down there, and bartenders had reported things being moved and disappearing. One night this employee heard heavy footsteps walking up and down the hall. When she turned on the light, no one was there.

We didn't encounter anything supernatural during our stay, as much as we hoped we would. But we did take a few pictures and may have captured an orb on one. You may decide it's a dust particle, but we took dozens of pictures and this was the only picture that had one. Maybe it's dust; maybe it's an orb. Let's all say it's an orb so we can have our fun.

The Blue Room