Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Alcatraz Island

Years ago I worked for the American Cancer Society in Florida. We did several fundraisers, one of which was "Jail & Bail." The idea behind this fundraiser was that we would recruit local business leaders and politicians to be "arrested." We'd make WANTED posters and print them in newspapers and on publicity materials, showing their mug shots and describing the crimes they were accused of.

They were funny crimes like 'WANTED for Ending Sentences with s Smiley Face.' Or 'WANTED for Contributing to the Speed of a Minor' (for a track coach).  We arrested my son for 'Bringing Ants to a Teddy Bear Picnic.' They were just goofy crimes that we then had our volunteer Sheriff bring them in on. We sent out a limo (donated services) to arrest them at their worksites, complete with media photographers in tow. We then took them to 'Jail' at the mall, where they were presented before a volunteer judge who set their fundraising 'Bail,' and were then given a phone and a phone book to raise their bail.

It was a great event and a lot of fun for everyone. It was easy to get caught up in the excitement. So easy that I decided to be arrested, too. I forget what the charges were against me, but bail was set and I began making my calls. The first call I made was to my father in Ohio.

"Hi Dad. I've been arrested and I need bail."

"Okay. How much?"

That was it. No questions. No 'What happened?' or 'What are you talking about? What were you arrested for?'  Just "Okay."  Makes me wonder what he thought about me, and why he didn't seem at all fazed to receive this phone call? I'm glad he had my back, but jeez...

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  1. How awesome to have a dad love you so unconditionally that he was willing to do whatever it took to help you in your moment of need. Again, you are a lucky girl!