Sunday, October 2, 2011

Freaked Me Out

My son and a friend of his came up to visit from Georgia. When they arrived, I asked them how their drive was and they said it was pretty good except that they almost got killed by a truck.

"What?!?!" I asked, terrified. It seems like they always relate some near-miss. As if I'm not nervous enough about the idea of my son driving 10 hours already.

"There was a truck coming straight toward us in our lane, going the wrong way."

"On the highway?!?!" I know my heart stopped.

"Yep. We got a picture."

So they pulled out their iphones and showed me the picture, as seen above. I think my hair turned gray. They started to laugh, but I didn't know what was so funny.

"Mom, it was a truck being towed."

The truck didn't kill them, but I wanted to.