Sunday, August 28, 2011


Pretend this is ice cream.

When I was young, I remember being captivated by the premise of Richard Scarry's A Story A Day: 365 Stories and Rhymes. This book was for everyone! Every reader could pick out his or her birthday story and claim it as his own. I loved this idea, and realize now that it has played out many times in my life.

When I think about chunks of time, I think of it in days. I do things in daily increments, such as this blog, keeping a journal, reading the newspaper, etc.. One year, my New Year's resolution was to do something new every day. Not surprisingly, I then journalled my new experience. For a year. That's my second time chunk, or the culmination of my daily activities: the year.

I am quickly approaching one year of daily posts on this blog. It's a little overwhelming to think of tackling another 365 days. But I won't think about that just yet. I'll scoot back to just thinking about today, and share Richard Scarry's birthday rhyme for August 28th:

I scream,
You scream,
We all scream
For ice cream!


  1. Wow, a year already?! Congrats. :)

  2. This has been a wonderful year for those of us who really need this daily glimpse of something else going on around us. Informative and inventive, you hit the mark every day. I hope that you keep the blog even if you just write once a week.
    I'm a b-i-g fan!

  3. Thanks for your support. My anniversary is Friday. I'm still trying to figure out what will come next.

  4. Congrats and happy birthday!!!!

  5. A year? awesome. So many blogs get abandoned after months so congrats to your success!