Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Car Story

I don't have a picture of MY first car, but here's a picture of my son's.

Have you seen the new television commercials asking people to share stories of their first cars? I don't remember which car company sponsors it, but thought it was a cute idea. They share one story in a commercial about a girl's first car that stank of mothballs because her parents always kept mothballs in the trunk.

My first car story is not quite as extreme. I loved my first car: a little red Ford Fiesta that sounded like a toy. It had a sunroof and a cassette tape deck (woo hoo!) -- and -- a stick shift. Trouble was, I hadn't learned to drive on a stick shift, so this was more than a little daunting.

The worst case of this was the day I was stopped at a stop sign on a hill. Do I really need to describe the tears, frustration and embarrassment of sitting in my car, trying to move forward while all the cars behind me honked and (undoubtedly) cursed at me? It was horrible, made more horrible by the fact that I finally inched/rolled backward enough in my futile attempts that I finally backed into the school bus behind me.

I loved that little red Ford Fiesta, but I would have loved it even more if it had been an automatic.


  1. I really do feel sorry for people who have their first real attempt at hill starts and panic... it's a horrible feeling when you don't get it on the first or second try and there's people behind you who are less than understanding.

    Me? I was taught in a manual transmission car and so when it came to hill starts, the teacher told me the easy way of doing them... and after a while they were nothing. My friends who drove automatics wondered how I did them without putting on the hand brake! :D

    My first - and only - car was a Toyota Celica Liftback January 81 model. Fully imported, rear wheel drive with an 18RC engine with square headlights. It was red (because they go faster... :P). And I loved that dear sweet car until the day we sold in on 8th, August last year when I could still see it as it was when I was driving it... such a sad day. It hurts when your first car becomes a wreck and you can't do anything about it. I did love driving very much and would love to drive again; just for the sheer joy of being on the road. And I loved working on it when it needed it... especially when it was with Dad (as it was the only time we ever got along).

    Oh, yes, my car had a name that I never told anyone until we got rid of her: Little Vroom... because that's what she did... she wasn't a V8 or a V6 she was V4; a little vroom that took me vrooming from A to B and back to A; and perhaps to C if I felt like it. :)

  2. What a sweet car story, Mozette. I was sorry when I finally got rid of my little Fiesta and moved on to the next car and the next, and so on. My current car is my favorite of all. And though I agree that red cars are faster somehow, this one is bright blue. I love it! Her name is Icy (from the book "Icy Sparks", though she doesn't have Turette's.) Funny how we get so attached to cars.

  3. I'm still driving my first car, a beige Jeep Liberty (graduation/moving to Cincy/starting grownup life present from my parents) that I've named Herschel. I don't use his name much though. :P And thank god he's an automatic. I had Andy's mom teach me to drive stick shift once when I was visiting them, just b/c it's something I've always wanted to know, but it's no piece of cake!

  4. Using the stick shift can be a real pain, but some find manual transmission fun to drive because it takes them back to the old days. But for heavy traffic, automatic cars are the best choice because these are easier to maneuver. Most people today go for pre-owned automatic cars that can be found in car sales and sellers since these are affordable and very reliable. I’m sure you can find one that would definitely suit you.

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  6. Riding your first car is one of the few milestones in one’s life. And I know it’s kind of disappointing to think that you don’t have that photo. What happened? In any case, that’s alright! Do the things you haven’t done for yourself to your son. I’m sure you wouldn’t let him miss this kind of moment. I would’ve loved to see you in that little red Ford Fiesta though. ;]

  7. Whether it is extreme or not, it is always fun to remember our first autos. And I can totally relate to your tale about stopping at the stop sign and not being able to restart the car! I was filled with fear, especially when the driver behind me honked his horns. Thank goodness I was able to start the car again. After that, I was filled with relief and started laughing. Well I think those were the days, but I can still remember everything about that incident quite clearly. :D

  8. I think your story’s pretty interesting. :) At the time when it happened, it’s clear that you were embarrassed when you had your ‘accident’. Looking back, events like that is part of the learning experience. Having and driving a car is one of the greatest things that can happen in your life because of the learning opportunity it gives us.