Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Music Man

Last night, my daughter and I went to see a production of The Music Man at Lakota West High School. I was blown away! This production rivaled any professional theater event that I have gone to in downtown Cincinnati, and I've seen many. The sets, the costumes, the music, the dancing, hair, make-up and talent were incredible.

I cannot begin to imagine how many rehearsal hours went into this show. The dancers never missed a step or went out of sync. The costumes were perfect, right down to the shoes and hair styles of every character on stage. Did I mention that the cast totalled 75? Or that they were all on stage for "The Wells Fargo Wagon?" It was fantastic.

I had been excited to take my daughter to this play in particular because my father starred as Harold Hill in his high school production of the same. I watched the young man on stage last night and could easily picture my father in the role. I would have loved to have seen it. I'm sure my dad was even better. So, I asked my daughter to imagine her grandpa in the role. And I mentioned that her grandmother had starred in her high school play as well. I didn't follow in their footsteps. Instead, I was the flutist in my high school's rendition of Fiddler on the Roof.

My daughter watched the dazzling actors on stage, choosing her favorites (the prettiest girls, of course). I wondered whether she'd show any interest in getting involved in theater when she gets a little older. She seemed to enjoy it. But in the end, she surprised me. She doesn't plan to follow in her grandparents footsteps, either. Instead, she said she wants to play in the orchestra like me.


  1. How fun! I love the movie and have seen it quite a few times. My older sister, Marian, was also a librarian at the time this movie came out!! Isn't that a riot?!

  2. P.S. I also LOVE Fiddler on the Roof! ♫♪TRADITION!!♫♪

  3. If my name were Marian, I'd HAVE to become a librarian. :) Actually, I wanted to, anyway.