Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scandal! Vandals at School

My daughter came home from school and said her elementary school had been vandalized over the weekend. Someone (presumably kids) spraypainted the sides of the portable buildings. I was shocked. We live in a very sheltered suburban area. The kids just don't cause trouble. Especially at the elementary school level.

I don't condone the defacement of property at all. But as I learned the details of the vandalism, I had to bite my lip. I don't think these kids understand what vandalism is usually about.

Yep. You're reading it correctly: STAY IN SCHOOL

Then, the delinquents went on with a "shout out" to Mrs. Montgomery, the former Principal.
 I'm guessing if they haven't met the new Principal yet, they're about to.


  1. Oh my. That's almost adorable!

    Personally I think it'd be great if the students were given a way to express that same sentiment in a sanctioned way.

  2. We just got an update from the school. The 2nd graders have been scouring the playground for clues. LOL

    It is very hard to take this crime seriously, despite the school's message that it is now a police matter.