Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare & Co. has got to be the greatest bookstore on earth. While we were in Paris, we visited the crowded bookstore every day, usually after enjoying a gelato down the street. We didn't take advantage of the hospitality of the bookstore, but I hope to another time. You see, Shakespeare & Co. is not just a place to buy books; it is also a place that promotes literacy and writing. They offer a free place to crash for those willing to sleep on cots among the bookstacks, work in the store during the day and read a book a day - every day - while they are there.

It sounds like the perfect getaway to me. I love being surrounded by books and have always wanted to work in a bookstore. Even better, you can walk across the street to Notre Dame and sit and read to your hearts content while you soak up the atmosphere of Paris. In fact, not only can you - you have to. It's the main requirement of staying at the bookstore.

Next time...

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  1. ooooh, LOVE! I'm absolutely sure I could manage on a cot in between stacks of books, reading day and night. :) Hadn't heard about this, actually. tres bien!