Friday, February 15, 2013

The Third Time Wasn't a Charm

I've just returned from my third business trip to Brussels - one of my favorite cities in the world. Each time I go, I sit or stand in the Grand Place for hours, eating waffles and watching people go by. I think it's become my 'happy place.'

But on this trip to Brussels, I did not travel alone. I went with my boss and another colleague, and my beloved Brussels lost some of its magic. No, that's not true. Brussels was as magnificent as ever; I just didn't get to savor the ambiance the way that I have before. This time, it was all business.

I took my companions to the Grand Place since this was their first time there. We looked at it briefly, snapped a few pictures, and then walked on to see Manneken Pis and all the waffle stands. They liked the architecture and the romantic allure of the square, but this was business, and we moved on.

But at night, after we returned to our hotel from dinner, I ditched my crew and ran back to the Grand Place, where I had a few magical moments to myself again. Not nearly enough, though. Not nearly enough.


  1. Oh that last shot looks magical! I would love to visit someday.

    1. If you can, do.

      I like the last shot, too, when the lights were coming on at dusk. I have many, many, many more. I get a little overzealous taking pictures at the Grand Place. It's just always so beautiful, I never feel like I've captured it enough.