Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dayton's 2nd Street Market

Despite the fact that most major companies have pulled out of Dayton, Ohio and that all the highway entrance ramps into Dayton are currently closed, the 2nd Street Market is still thriving.

Open Thursday-Saturday, this market full of local food vendors and artisans is probably the hottest spot in Dayton. We went on Saturday and couldn't even find a seat after we split up and ordered from various food booths.

I got a Hungarian cabbage roll. My husband got a Colombian dish that the vendor recommended: Arepas. These are white corn patties topped with a variety of ingredients and sauces. Next time I'll get that; it was delicious.

Not surprisingly, my daughter got a chocolate-banana crepe. There is truly something for everyone.

Where we spent the majority of our time was at the Olive Tree booth. I've got something of a vinegar addiction. I can't go more than a few days without having some (but would rather not forgo it at all!). At the Olive Tree, you can taste the eight flavors of vinegars and sample the variety of olive oils as well. Trust me: there aren't any bad flavors, but I limited myself to four bottles of vinegar for the time being: Fig Balsamic, Chile Balsamic, Coconut White Balsamic, and White Strawberry Peach. That should last me for a month or two.

There are also bread makers, pastry makers, cheese makers, and booths full of jellies and jams. One vendor offers organic dog treats. Other sellers include artists and jewelry crafters. It's a nice place to wander for a few hours and eat lunch. If you can get there -- since no highway roads lead into Dayton at that moment. Make the effort anyway. It's worth the trip.


  1. Oh wow, thanks for the tip! I had never even heard of this place. :)

    1. Hours are pretty limited, so make sure you give yourself time.