Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fool-proof Eggs

I am not a crafty person. Most of my artwork and projects look like a toddler did them. I don't even care, because doing crafts doesn't give me any sort of pleasure. But tie-dying eggs was an exception. Not only did I have fun picking out the materials and prepping my eggs, but I was tickled pink with how they turned out. I want to dye all of my eggs from now on!

My daughter-in-law sent me instructions she found on Pinterest. She'd dyed eggs at her house and they were beautiful. I told her I was going to try it, but she probably didn't believe me. But, surprise! I ended up sending her pictures of our masterpiece eggs, too.

The process is simple: buy 100% silk ties at the thrift store. There were more there than I'd thought!

Cut them apart so that you only have the silk, not the backing. Then, wrap pieces of silk around the eggs tightly, with the front of the tie against the egg. Use a twist-tie to secure it closed. Then wrap the egg in a piece of white cloth. (We cut up one of my husband's old t-shirts.) Twist that shut, too.

Boil the eggs in water with 1/4 cup white vinegar for 20 minutes.

Another craft project gone wrong?

Here's where I thought we went wrong. I removed the eggs from the pot with tongs and was skeptical that they would turn out as anything but purple eggs. I thought maybe we hadn't tied them tightly enough to stop the red and blue dyes from swirling into a pot of purple.

After they cooled, we unwrapped them, and were excited to find pretty patterns and swirls inside. They were gorgeous!

I want to dye more eggs now for the heck of it. I may start bringing a lot of hard-boiled eggs to work for lunch, now that I've finally found a craft I enjoy. Who cares if I don't really like eggs? I like dyeing them.