Monday, April 29, 2013

The Month of May

Life is like a miniature three-ring circus sometimes.

I've missed this blog. It was never my intention to leave it for so long; to wait for an elusive muse to strike before I write. It was better when I forced myself to post something every day, if only to help me stay connected to writing. I've lost that lately.

Life is still a little too hectic to go back to writing a post each day. But I did read an idea posted by another blogger that I think I may try this May. Asha Marie suggests choosing one theme every month and then taking one photo per day for the month that represents that theme. As soon as I read the idea, I was excited. I think I can manage this.

The hard part is choosing a theme for May. Work will settle down a smidgen for the month, before it gears into overdrive in June. My daughter's soccer season is well underway, and means we're at the soccer field four days a week. The school year is wrapping up. I'm hoping against hope that I may see my son for Mother's Day. I'm already trying to cram too much into Memorial Day weekend.

So, theme...theme... what can I use as my theme?

I think for May, which is sure to be busy, my photo theme will be: ACTIVITY.

Hopefully, activities won't get in the way of this project!

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