Friday, June 24, 2011

Environmentalists, Raise Your Glass!

Wine barrels at Jacuzzi Vineyards in Sonoma, California.

We all know that drinking red wine can be beneficial to our health (in moderation). Little did we know that it's also environmentally friendly!

Wine is a zero-waste beverage. The glass bottles can be recycled, and now - so can the cork. Whole Foods teamed up with ReCORK America and offers drop-off boxes in some of their stores. Those little corks can be recycled into flooring tiles, shoe soles, bulletin boards, building insulation, and fishing rod handles.

The natural antioxidants from winery waste are touted as soil conditioners. Winery waste is also used in heavy metal absorbency. And if you're the rare being who doesn't finish all the wine in the bottle, even those last few drops can be environmentally-friendly. Just add them to the compost heap.

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