Friday, November 18, 2011

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

I wish I had a picture of a flapper from the 1920’s to post alongside this brief book review. Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl was such a fun chick lit novel with a double entendre in its title that it deserves a more compelling picture than this car.
Twenty-seven year old Lara Lington attends the funeral of her 105-year-old great aunt Sadie and is suddenly startled to discover that Sadie’s ghost is in the room.  But she is not embodied as the old woman she became, but rather as the young 23-year-old woman she was in the 1920’s. She says that she always felt like she was 23 no matter how old she looked on the outside. Kinsella captured my thoughts exactly. In my mind, I’m still 25.
Sadie wants to know where her necklace is and won’t rest until it is found. Feeling guilty at never having gotten to know her great aunt, Lara agrees to help find the necklace. During the course of this search, Lara and Sadie get to know each other better through zany antics that could only happen by having an invisible helper.
Kinsella is known for her easy-to-read style and humor. She had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities of having a ghost in her novel and that fun comes through on every page.  Throughout the book we’re given glimpses of lifestyles, fashion, and what society was like back in the 1920’s. This may be the only time I’ve ever thought to myself that I wish I’d lived in that era. Or maybe I should be glad that I just escaped into the ‘20s for a day while I read the book.

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