Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Astronaut Izzy

This spacesuit is on display at the
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Museum
in Dayton, Ohio

ASTRONAUT IZZY:  I'm off to the moon, Mom. I'll be back later.

MOM:  Wait a minute! Why are you going to the moon?

ASTRONAUT IZZY:  I'm taking the puppy and we're going to practice moonwalking. And then we're going to fly to Mars.

MOM (confused):  What?

ASTRONAUT IZZY (giggling):  Just kidding. I'm going up there to get my time machine. I left it there a long time ago in case I needed to go get it and turn back time.

MOM:  Hhhmm. And why do you suddenly need to turn back time?

ASTRONAUT IZZY:  Because I forgot my homework and I don't want to turn it in late.

MOM (sighs): Fine. But be back in an hour.

ASTRONAUT IZZY:  I can't be back in an hour! It takes a whole day to get to the moon!

MOM:  That's what the time machine is for.


  1. Astronaut Izzy is so smart. I'd like to fly to the moon. Would not like a time machine, though. I'd like to know what else happens before I decide to revisit the past.

  2. LOL cute dialogue!



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  3. Thanks for your comments, Guys. And the link to the photo, Kristan. Guess we're all astronauts. :)