Monday, January 24, 2011

High Heels Are Murder

After a very long, nearly interminable work week, I needed to relax with a light, cozy mystery. I picked up High Heels Are Murder: A Josie Marcum Mystery Shopper Mystery by Elaine Viets. I like her Dead-End Job mystery series, so thought I'd try this book. It was the perfect pick to decompress.

I was caught up in the storyline almost immediately, partly because it was so unusual. Josie Marcum, the heroine, was mystery shopping a shoe store where she was waited on by a foot fetishist. (My mother was once accosted by a similar man in a department store, so I was really hooked by this twist.) When the shoe salesman is fired and then murdered the same day, Josie Marcum, Mystery Shopper, investigates.

The book was a lot of fun -- and was surprisingly educational. For instance, I'd never heard of pedal pusher videos. Have you? I'm not going to explain what that is. You'll just have to read the book for yourself. What was even more fun about this book was the author's shoe shopping guide at the end. Some mystery writers include recipes in their novels. Elaine Viets included shopping tips. Who couldn't like that?

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