Monday, February 21, 2011

Hat Heads

"That pink cowgirl hat is darling on you."

"The kids at school will make fun of me."

"No, they won't! Why would they make fun of you when you look absolutely beautiful in it?"

Hannah shrugged. Her grandmother tightened the strings and kissed her granddaughter's cheek. She watched Hannah stare at herself in the mirror, and couldn't miss the smile of delight as she touched the fake rhinestones that adorned the hat.

"I might have to get one of those for myself," her grandmother continued. She placed a too-small cowgirl hat on her head and pulled the string tight. She admired herself in the mirror, turning to look at herself from different angles. Hannah laughed.

"What do you think?"

Hannah laughed again. "It's too little." She pulled a sombrero from the shelf. "Wear this one."

Grandma obliged and turned to the mirror again. "How does it look?"

Hannah giggled. Her grandmother continued to stare into the mirror, though the sombrero covered her eyes and she could only see her granddaughter's smile as she held her close.

"Should we get them?"

Hannah nodded and Grandma pulled out her wallet. Twenty dollars on hats was a bargain. They would be the perfect souvenir to remind her of this day.

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