Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting For The Movie To Come Out

In 2006, we visited Chicago and were walking along the chilly sidewalks when we suddenly heard sirens. We turned around and saw what looked like a Presidential convoy. We snapped some pictures and were so excited that we'd witnessed something. We kept walking, and then all of a sudden, the Presidential cavalcade went by us again. But this time they stopped, backed up, and drove down the street again. We were confused.

Then we rounded a corner and saw a protest taking place. We couldn't figure out what they were protesting, but it didn't matter. They weren't doing much but standing there until the convoy of black cars with American flags came by again. Then the protestors waved their signs in the air and started shouting as the cars sped by with sirens on. As soon as they passed, it was lackluster again. Finally, someone clued us in: they were shooting a film.

We never did get the title of the film. It was just initials making an acronym; a film about a Presidential campaign or something. We figured we'd know it when it came out. But that was five years ago now. Maybe we missed it. Maybe it was never released. Maybe one of you recognize these scenes from the movie??

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