Friday, July 1, 2011

Too Much Wine

I hope this doesn't sound too mean-spirited. It was really all in fun. But I'm about to make fun of the sommolier who hosted a wine tasting I attended in Brussels. I can't help it. He was a Frenchman who seemed to take a sip of wine everytime we did -- which equalled four rounds of  "sampling" five or six wines each. We were all pretty tipsy.

At first, I was completely enraptured by the fact that I was at a wine tasting in Belgium. A real, live Frenchman was talking about French wines and it was suddenly all so accessible. This was the real thing. But the wine went to my head fast, and I soon became too amused by the sommolier's speech impediment(?) to learn anything about the wines.  He couldn't say his "r's". They came out like "w's" and it was a little too much like Elmer Fudd talking about wed wines and white wines and wealwy good westauwants.

He started out by bellowing, "You'we all dwinking poison! That's what wine is, you know."

That's the last message I paid attention to. I spent the rest of my time not to let the wed wine send me spiralling into giggles. Today I'm switching back to the Belgian cherry beer, Kriek. It's better tasting, and not quite so amusing.

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