Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guest Post: The Doughnut Eating Champion

by Izzy

                It was a normal day in Loco, Oklahoma and Fred had just moved in. Boxes were everywhere. It had been the first day of school and he had not known something was coming later. Fred was eating doughnuts with his dog, Doughnut. He was eating a chocolate glazed donut. Doughnut was eating a jelly filled donut. “Yummy!” Fred exclaimed, “This is delicious!”
                Donut barked excitedly in agreement. They both looked at each other and decided to go get ten more doughnuts for them to split for breakfast. Fred walked out and looked both ways. No one was there that was a relief. Fred hurried to the bakery going as fast as possible. For him it was a sprint there but to everyone else it was a slow run or jog.
                Oh no, Fred thought, this couldn’t be. He saw a boy from his school who would beat Fred up if he walked past him. Fred acting fast hurried and maneuvered himself over a fence to avoid him. After he got himself over the fence he rushed to the bakery once again.
                When he got to the bakery he smelled the delicious scent of pastries baking. When he walked up to the counter he ordered four chocolate, three glazed and three jelly filled doughnuts. When the cashier gave it to him he rushed out the door and then saw his one and only friend Ryan.
                “Hey Ryan!” Fred yelled but Ryan never noticed. Well there’s always later, Fred thought positively, he will have to notice me then.
                When he got home Doughnut greeted him excitedly.  Fred dropped two jelly filled doughnuts into Doughnuts dog bowl. Doughnut ate them before Fred could even put some on his plate. Fred bit into one of his doughnuts right when Ryan walked by. Fred noticed Ryan and ran outside.
                “Hey Ryan!” Fred yelled. Ryan heard him and looked around until he spotted him. Fred then walked up to Ryan and said,” I tried to get your attention earlier but I guess you couldn’t hear me. What’s up?”
                Ryan answered, “The sky, the cloud, birds, planes, everything. I’m just kidding I didn’t want to tell you but I’m going to have to go to a privet school.
“Really?” Fred asked solemnly.
“No I’m just kidding!” Ryan said.
“Good. Bye.”
Fred walked back into his house. A couple minutes later the doorbell rang. Fred answered it.
“Hello, someone told me you were the fastest eater in your town and I was wondering if you wanted to be in this Americas Top Doughnut Eater.” 
“Um… exactly who are you?” Fred asked.
“Oh sorry, I’m Jack, and I’m the host of Americas Top Doughnut eater or A.T.D.E for short,” Jack answered.
“Oh well let me think about it for a minute,” Fred said. A thoughtful moment passed. “Okay I’ll do it.”
“Great just sign here,” Jack said holding out the contract. “Just sign on the bold X.”
Fred signed the contract on the line and then asked, “When and where will it take place?”
“Tuesday, August 12th,” Jack answered joyful that someone finally joined the competition, “Be at the bakery at noon. The competition starts at 1:00pm.”
Fred said thanks and shut the door. He went and sat down on his couch when it hit him, Tuesday was tomorrow! He hurried and stuffed the doughnuts that he was trying to eat earlier that day. He whistled for Doughnut to come and then said, “Doughnut we’ve got some training to do.” Doughnut barked excitedly at that comment and then leaded Fred outside onto their porch.
“Let’s go to the bakery and get more doughnuts. Maybe thirty this time,” Fred said directly to Doughnut.
They then ran to the bakery. They asked the baker for thirty donut and the baker looked astonished. She had worked at the dirty little bakery for twenty years and had never gotten an order this high but she gave Fred the doughnuts anyway.
As soon as Fred got the doughnuts and rushed outside.
“Time me.” Fred said to Doughnut,”I need to eat these fast if I’m going to beat the competition.” And right after he said that he started eating. “Done!” Fred yelled and looked at the timer. He had eaten all of the doughnuts in ten minutes.
After he told doughnut his time they went home because it was 8:00 and Doughnut had wanted them to watch “Elmo’s Big Victory”. Once Fred realized what doughnut picked out he shouted, “Hooray you picked out my favorite movie ever!”After the movie was over Doughnut and Fred went to bed to rest up for the morning.

It was morning the next day. Fred started practicing for the big competition by gnawing the air. Then he said to Doughnut,” I’m ready let’s go.”
They walked there because they wanted to save Fred’s energy and because it was only 11:00am. They had left early to get Doughnut a good seat. By the time they got there, got through the line, and got Doughnut a seat it was already 12:59pm and Fred was sprinting to the stage so that he could get there on time.
Fred luckily got to his spot right when Jack announced,” The rules are simple, only stop and go when I say to and finally, no barfing! Now ready set go!”
Fred started eating like a maniac. Fred ate two, three, four; by the time five minutes were up, Fred had eaten twelve! By the end Fred had eaten twenty-six!
At the end Jack announced the winners. “In fourth place eating twenty doughnuts is… Bob! In third place eating twenty-two doughnuts is… Elena! In first place eating twenty-six doughnuts is… Fred! Congratulations to all of you!”
Everyone cheered and started to leave but Ryan and that tough kid from the day before stayed behind. It was that moment that Fred realized that he had just won one million dollars!
Fred saw Ryan and the other guy walk up to him and he snapped out of it. The tough kid talked first, “Hey I’m Nathan and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out.”
Fred replied,” No because until now you have bullied me.”After that remark Nathan walked off leaving Fred and Ryan behind.
“So how does it feel now that you’re the coolest kid ever?” Ryan asked Fred.
Fred thought it felt amazing because now he would not get bullied like in the past and he could buy everything he wanted but instead he said,” No different, I’m the exact same just richer.”


  1. Great story! I loved the characters and the descriptions. I can see Fred as he gnaws the air to practice.

  2. Haha, too cute. I particularly liked, "A thoughtful moment passed." ;)

  3. Iz- I love the words you choose. Like Kristan, "a thoughtful moment passed" was my favorite line. You're quite the little writer!