Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidential Trivia

The back of the White House

I couldn't resist asking a few trivia questions for President's Day. Not being a history buff, I wouldn't know the answer to any of these except the Bonus Question at the end, since it relates to the day I took this picture.

1.       Which of these presidents was a Supreme Court Justice?
a.     William Howard Taft
b.      Franklin Pierce
c.       Lyndon Baines Johnson
d.      James Polk

2.       Which president served in two non-consecutive terms?
a.       James Monroe
b.      William Henry Harrison
c.       Gerald Ford
d.      Grover Cleveland

3.       How many presidents have been assassinated while in office?
a.      2
b.      4
c.       6
d.      8

4.       Which president had 15 children (which is the most so far of any president)?
a.      James Buchanan
b.      James Madison
c.       John Adams
d.      John Tyler

5.       Which is the only president who has been divorced?
a.      Gerald Ford
b.      John F. Kennedy
c.       Ronald Reagan
d.      William Henry Harrison

6.       Who was the tallest president, measuring 6’4”?
a.      Abraham Lincoln
b.      Barrack Obama
c.       Ronald Reagan
d.      Bill Clinton

7.       Which of these presidents was reportedly the first to bring a Siamese kitten to America?
a.      Martin Van Buren
b.      Rutherford B. Hayes
c.       John F. Kennedy
d.      Theodore Roosevelt

8.       Which country hosts an Obama reality show (“Obama Golden Ticket”) in which the winner receives an all-expense paid trip to significant places in President Obama's life?
a.     South Africa
b.    Germany
c.     Japan
d.    Indonesia

9.       Which president’s grandson says Newt Gingrich is a “big jerk” who “… needs to stick with the same wife, that’s what my mother taught me.”
a.      George Bush
b.      Lyndon B. Johnson
c.       John Tyler
d.      Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Last but not least, the BONUS QUESTION:
10.   Who was in office when Hannah Montana performed at the White House Easter  Egg Roll?
a.      George W. Bush
b.      George Bush
c.       Barrack Obama
d.      Bill Clinton

1)a, 2)d, 3)b, 4)d, 5)c, 6)a, 7)b, 8)d, 9)c, 10)a

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