Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm An Oscar Winner!

This will seem even more unfair when you learn that last night was the first time I watched the Oscars. If I'd ever thought that it would pay off, I would have watched before. I watched this time because of my Viggle app. During the show, they had trivia questions to answer and you could make award predictions to earn points. I guessed enough best actors, actresses and movies that I earned a free movie ticket. I think I'll go see The Descendants.

But it gets better.

This morning, on Good Morning Tristate, they were giving away an Oscar Swag bag that all the stars got at the Academy Awards last night. You just had to be caller number ninety-nine. And guess what? I was Caller #99!!! I won! My 'swag bag' was actually a great big box, not a bag, and it didn't contain quite as much as the stars got. Mine was valued at $1,000. Theirs is valued at $50K. But assuming they got what I got inside, here's what we walked away with:
  • A seven-layer caramel cake from Caroline's Cakes in Maryland
  • A stuffed elephant and African Safari book (Oscar nominees got a 7-day African Safari. The rest of us just get to read about it.)
  • A darci make-up brush cleaning system with a handwritten note from Lisa Di Caprio congratulating me on my Oscar nomination. (oops! :) )
  • Herb Ritts L.A. Style book
  • Nozin Nasal Sanitizers
  • a Belldini sequined sweater
  • Deerfoams slippers
  • Deerfoams booties
  • a necklace from bamboopink
  • an Essential Safe Products bag of eco-friendly bamboo utensils and mugs
  • Naughty Bits Brownies Choclate Indulgence
  • Thermarobe robe that includes 4 heating pads
  • earthpawz doggie slobber glass cleaner
  • Nightfall perfume
  • a set of four Slimware plates
What a wonderful event. Too bad I didn't get to actually go to the Oscars. That would have been fun -  except that I would have topped the list of 'Worst Dressed' since I watched it in my sweatpants with a box of tissues next to me.

Despite Lisa Di Caprio's note, it wasn't really an honor being nominated, but it was a thrill to win an Oscar bag. I'd better go buy a lottery ticket!


  1. WOW, haha, that is SO cool. Congrats on your wins! And I totally want to see the Descendants.

  2. The thermorobe alone made you a big winner in my book! You'll enjoy that and all the rest. Congrats!!