Monday, June 18, 2012

Crayons to Computers

Work is keeping me busy. We're moving to a new office and have been spending days going through storage rooms filled with things we thought we just couldn't do without. We've filled dumpster after dumpster with outdated materials, but still had two pallets of books and office supplies that were perfectly fine, but won't be useful to us anymore.

Luckily, in Cincinnati there's a place called Crayons to Computers( It's a freestore for teachers, especially those who teach in inner-city schools. They base teacher shopping eligibility on the percentage of free or reduced lunch programs implemented in the schools. Teachers from eligible schools can go "shopping" every five weeks. Teachers from other schools can volunteer a few hours to earn shopping privileges. In fact, anyone can volunteer. After all, someone has to sort and stock all the donations that companies like mine donate.

I filled my car twice with everything from...well... crayons to computers! I was thrilled to drop it off not only because I hate seeing things go to waste, but also because I'm married to a teacher and know just how much teachers contribute personally to their students and their classrooms.

I don't know whether other communities have similar programs and non-profits to benefit the schools, but I'm glad we do. It's just another reason I'm Cincinnati hometown proud!


  1. A) Didn't know your husband was a teacher. How wonderful. :)
    B) Didn't know about this "store." I'll have to start flagging stuff that could go to them.

  2. Definitely keep it mind, Kristan. It's such a treasure for the schools, and they need all the help they can get.