Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, We Have No Bananas

A 30-mile drive, a lactose intolerant daughter, and cholesterol/weight concerns did nothing to deter us from going to the Banana Split Festival in Wilmington, Ohio this weekend.

It sounded like so much fun: a Master Chef competition at 3:00, a banana split eating contest at 4:00, and a Make-Your-Own Banana Split booth. So we rushed to get there and made it just before 3:00, then headed toward the pavilion to watch the chefs create their masterpieces. We looked for a crowd, but didn't see one. Finally, we asked a volunteer attendant where the competition would be held and she regretfully informed us that only one chef had entered, so the competition was cancelled.

We were disappointed, but shrugged it off. After all, there was ice cream to be eaten. So we headed to the Make-Your-Own Banana Split booth and stood in line, trying to decide whether to get one dip, two, or three, and what toppings we wanted to goop on top. (We weren't really fooling ourselves. Banana splits have 3 scoops. Everybody knows that.)

We ate our ice cream and visited a few craft booths, then headed back to the pavilion to watch the banana split eating contest. But again, we couldn't find the right spot and didn't see a crowd. We finally asked another attendant where it was and learned we'd missed it! The contest had moved up to 3:15, so it was being held while we were standing in line for our banana splits.

There wasn't much else to do. A few children's games of skill and a classic car show. The only other thing to do there was eat, and we didn't want to do that. So we strolled past the show cars and headed home.

It was a long drive for three banana splits, but I have to say -- they were worth the trip.

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