Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The man in this picture is named Jean-Claude. I met him in Haiti in 2008. He came to the mission with his son to get assistance with food. They took part in the children's nutrition program there.

I met many other Haitian people that day, but none stuck in my mind the way Jean-Claude did. We had a lengthy conversation about the jobless plight of people in Haiti, and I remember being struck by how unfair it all seemed. Here was an intelligent man, fluent in three languages and willing to work, but who could not find a job because there simply were none. I couldn't help but think that if he could just get to America, his language skills would land him a job. It just seemed so unfair.

I still think of Jean-Claude and wonder what happened to him. If I ever go back to Haiti, I'll bring this picture with me and find out.

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