Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My son just proposed to his girlfriend. We couldn't be more thrilled. They make such a cute couple and are so good together. They have the same temperaments, interests and values. They're good to each other and for each other. All a mother can ever want is for her children to be happy, and my son is definitely happy.

I'm happy, too; I'm gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law! But first, a long engagement. At least, that's the plan right now. But so far, Mac hasn't stuck to the plan.

He was going to propose this coming September, then changed his mind and decided to propose during our cruise. He was actually going to propose underwater while he and Chelsea were snorkeling. (She would have loved that. See what I mean? They're perfect for each other.) Apparently he had the ring tied to his wet suit. But man-o-wars changed that plan and he ended up proposing on the boat. So while they say they're going to have a long engagement, we'll see how things really play out.

I'm so excited!

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