Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Key Lime Pie in The Keys

We were already thinking of having Key lime pie while in Key West, but when we watched Rachael Ray's $40 A Day, that cinched it. She traveled to the Keys and the locals recommended she have Key lime pie for breakfast. I'm always an advocate of pie for breakfast, so watched in eager anticipation as Rachael ordered it at the Crack'd Conch. Of course, since she's Rachael Ray, she got to go back into the kitchen to watch the cook make it.

They took fresh Key limes from a nearby tree and added sour cream, condensed milk, and plenty of homemade whipped cream on top. It looked absolutely delicious and we knew we had to get a slice on our trip.

Unfortunately, we were only in Key West, not Key Largo where Rachael had filmed her show. And as it turns out, the Crack'd Conch has actually closed since she filmed her show. But we needn't have worried. Nearly every place we passed on our Duval Crawl offered Key lime pie. We decided to stop in the Key Lime Factory Shop for our taste of the Keys.

The pie was tart. It was sweet. It was fantastic! The shop is a gift shop, too, so we brought home a little flavor of the Keys to enjoy later this winter. Hopefully it will take us back as soon as we take our first bite.

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  1. Oh yeah, key lime pie in the Keys is the BEST. Andy and I had to take an unexpected detour to Key West last year on our cruise, and that was one of the highlights (along with an AMAZING toy store we stumbled upon).