Saturday, January 28, 2012

Non-Laminated Lists

Remember the Friends episode in which Ross finally narrows down his list of five celebrities that he could sleep with without Rachel getting mad? He whittles it down by taking Isabella Rossellini off and then runs into her at the coffee shop. Rachel tells him to go for it anyway, and sits back to watch.

My husband saw this picture of me with Troy Polamalu and said, "I suppose you're going to add him to your list." It actually hadn't crossed my mind since it was really just a wax dummy. Then I re-considered. He is a good looking guy, and he does have great hair. But no. I'm too much of a Bengals fan to cross that line.

Besides, my list isn't quite as rigid as Ross'. In fact, my husband and I change our lists almost daily, depending on what TV show or movie we're watching. We don't ever actually write the names down, and I don't think we've held ourselves to five celebrities. Let's put it this way: our lists aren't laminated. They're not even written down, and if they were, they'd be in pencil and we'd always have an eraser ready.

Some of the stars who would make my list: Jason Ritter, Zac Efron, Kevin Bacon, Ryan Reynolds, and Robert Pattinson.

My husband's list would include: Mila Kunis, Marcia Cross, and Sophia Vergara.

My son's list, interestingly enough, includes only one name: Emma Stone. I found that very intriguing.

But again, our "lists" are not exactly lists. More like droolfests and daydreams during movies. We're not foolish enough to get stuck in an awkward situation like Ross did if a parade of stars walked into our favorite coffee shop. We'd just tell them they're on our lists and they'd just have to trust us.


  1. Zac Efron = OH YEAH.

    Actually, Mila Kunis too, lol. (Not really, but you know.)

    Emma Scott? Who is that? I know an Emma Stone, and she'd definitely be on my "BFF" list.

  2. Oh, geez. Never write a blog after you've been up all night. First, my Freudian slip: it's Robert Pattinson, not Edward. And I meant Emma Stone.

    Yay, Kristan! Everyone makes fun of me for having Zac Efron on my list. I just shake my head. I mean, have they SEEN HIM???

  3. hehe... I've had Christian Slater and Hugh Jackman on my list for years... and people make fun of me about them. Especially the first name; seeing nobody's seen him around for yonks! But I still think he's hot and well, delicious. :P

    And Hugh? Well, let's just say that where I live - a few years back now - there used to be a young man who dressed, looked and had the same hair style as him when he played the Wolverine character and this young man was a Library Technician. Now, let's just put it that lots of women joined the library to drool over him! Me? Well, while they were daydreaming about ripping his clothes off, I was wondering if he could cook and what kinds of books he liked. I already knew he had a great body under all those clothes (after all that's what an imagination is for, isn't it? ;D...)

  4. Mozette, you crack me up. It would be interesting to know what kind of books my men read, but they could say 'Cat in the Hat' and it wouldn't change a thing. ;p

    By the way, Christian Slater has a new TV show here in the States. Hopefully it will make it long enough to be aired down there.

    1. Ooooh, a new television series? It wouldn't be a second one to 'My Own Worst Enemy' would it? I have the first one of that on dvd... otherwise, I know there's a second series in the pipeline. :)