Thursday, January 19, 2012

College Hill Coffee Company

Yesterday I was posed this question: What was your most peaceful moment today?

It was meeting my friend for breakfast at Cincinnati's College Hill Coffee Company. I love that place! They offer wonderful coffee and food in a cozy atmosphere. They also have artsy gifts for sale and you are surrounded by beautiful decor as you sit and sip your coffee.

Even the bathrooms are beautiful. I choose College Hill Coffee Company as having the best bathrooms in Cincinnati. My picture here doesn't quite capture it, but it's so pretty in the Ladies' room that you almost want to take your coffee in there to relax. The walls are bejeweled; there are crystals hanging from the ceiling, and the comfy little loveseat just begs you to grab a book and relax. Though hopefully no one does that, because other people may need to use the facilities.

College Hill Coffee Company is my winning choice for coffee and ambience in Cincinnati. And it was definitely where I enjoyed the most peaceful moment of my day.


  1. Haha, I love CHCC too! I go there frequently to write. And yes, I did recognize it from the bathroom pic before even reading your post. :)

  2. Gasp! CHCC would be a great place to sit and write! I can't believe I didn't think of that. (Probably because it's not very close to my house.) But now I want to do that. And -- I'm thinking that sitting on the loveseat in the bathroom would be the perfect place. :) But I'll settle for the sofas near the windows instead.

  3. Wow! How lucky to have such an awesome coffee house nearby....and like you said...even the "den" is quite beautiful and comfy looking! (They really should do a little more to The Throne, itself, though! Maybe a padded, heated seat?! And some kind of frilly thingy?) :)

  4. Wow! What a great-looking toilet to retire to! It's so nice and cosy who'd want to come out?

    Here in Queensland we have a place that's famous for their 'Loo With A View'. It's at a restaurant just outside Toowoomba in the country area where you can go to the toilet and there's some glazed full-length windows that open the toilets (both men and women) to the outside. You can see out, but nobody can see in; even with the lights on inside.

    Another place that does that - rather interestingly enough - is a pub here in Brisbane. In the Men's toilets, the urinals are all facing a glass wall looking out to the main dining area. Each urinal is placed near a table where people are sitting; but they can't see in, yet the men can see out. It makes me wonder how many men actually get in and use them without laughing a little - or if it's really true that this loo actually exists (Because I'm only going on what I've been told)?

  5. Becky - it's probably best that they don't make the throne any more inviting. No one would come out!

    Mozette - I cannot stop picturing the mens' urinals and windows you describe. It's somehow disturbing, and yet, funny. Let me know if you find out it's real!

  6. I've said for years my best work and writing happens at coffee shops. My favorite is now closed, and like a regretted lost love, my thoughts often drift to my cozy window seat, bottomless cup of coffee and accompanying French pastries. Why did you close? Wasnt I enough of a patron to sustain you? Didn't I eat enough treats and tip generously? It's just not the same since you went away. The other cafe's aren't even close to how awesome you are - were - oh, why did you close before I could say goodbye? (Greenup Cafe, Covington)