Friday, May 25, 2012

Eat Local

One of the best things about traveling is all the regional foods you can try. When I was in China, I ate Chinese food. When I was in Maine, I ate lobster. In Belgium, I ate waffles, and in Germany, currywurst. But then I start to eat too much of a good thing. Too many Belgian waffles; too much rice; and too many lobster tails (though it seems like that could never actually happen, could it?) So I typically veer off and try something else. Tybee Island, Georgia was no different.

After several helpings of southern food and fried oysters, I thought I'd finally had enough. I needed something different, if only for one meal, and what could be more different than Mexican/Spanish/Cuban/Latin food? The yellow facade drew me in. Unfortunately, the food didn't bring me back. After one lunch of fish tacos, I went right back to my southern lowcountry staple: fried oysters. The Mexican food just couldn't compare to local fare.

The next time I go to Mexico, I'll fill up on tacos. But while in lowcountry, or Belgium, or Maine, or China - eat local.

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