Thursday, May 17, 2012

Them's Fightin' Words!

Flamingoes sleep on their feet, too, don't they?

My daughter is sick. Allergies, we think. Maybe a summer cold. All we know is that she coughs all night long. Which, in turn, causes arguments between me and my husband as to who has to get up to give her water, or put Vicks on her chest, or check on her, etc., etc.. In the morning, we're both zombies because regardless of who actually got up and tended to her, we both spent the night listening to her cough.

I dragged myself into work and my co-worker said I looked tired. I told her that my daughter had coughed all night and she stopped me right there.

"You want to hear the worst fight my husband and I ever had? I mean, the absolute worst?"


"We were driving home from somewhere and had the kids in the car, but as soon as we pulled into the driveway, we made them get out and go inside so we could finish our fight in the car. It was the bloodiest, angriest argument we ever had. And you know what we were fighting about?"


"Which one of us was more tired."

Wow. So, it's universal. Not that my husband and I were fighting over who was more tired, or who got less sleep, though there have been many mornings when it seems like that's some sort of bragging right. What I hadn't realized is how common that is among couples. Especially these days, I'll bet, when we're all tasked with doing more and cramming more into every minute of the day.

We're all tired. We're probably all heavyweight champs at being tired. So really, no need to fight about it.

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  1. Ha, that reminds me of being in school, when me and my friends used to complain about who was more stressed or who had more work. Like, how stupid were we, that these were the arguments/contests we wanted to win?