Thursday, August 2, 2012

People on Glass Floors...

...Shouldn't drag their wives.

My husband and I went up to the observation deck of the CN Tower. Now, I'm afraid of heights, but I was okay on the ledge, looking out past a screen to the city below. In fact, it was very relaxing and the city was beautiful!

Inside, there is a glass floor that you can walk across. If you look down, you can see just how far 118 stories is. My legs were going to water just watching other people. It was a madhouse there. Everyone was laying on the glass floor, taking selfie pictures of themselves with the drop as backdrop. My husband shouldered his way onto the glass platform and goaded me to come out there, too.  Finally, I couldn't resist just *seeing* what it would be like and unpressed myself from the wall to sit on the edge of the glass. I was going to keep my legs on the stable floor 'just in case.' In fact, I didn't even have to look down. I'd just take the picture and look later.

But then, my husband, who I vowed to love, honor, and trust -- grabbed me under the arms and dragged me out to the middle of the floor where it was all glass.

I scrambled and screamed and clawed my way back to the solid floor. Then he had the nerve to say I should come back out because I didn't get my picture taken. As if!

The glass floor supports the weight of 14 hippos. But I'm not testing that theory. Instead, I'm dreaming up my revenge... he'd better watch his step someplace else.

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