Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Swine Flu From Pigs?

I wonder if these two were passing along the disease??

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I never really associated swine flu with pigs. I always thought of swine flu as just the most recent in a line of exotic flu names that someone traced back to some pig, somewhere. But, as it turns out, you can actually catch swine flu from pigs! As 14 people have so far in state and county fairs in Ohio. Yikes!

We went to our local county fair (as you may remember I blogged about a couple weeks ago), and walked past every single pig there. Now, nine cases of swine flu have been linked back to the pigs at the Butler County Fair.

Reading that immediately made me want to check my temperature. What if I caught it? I'm not sick in the slightest, but it seems so bizarre that people are getting swine flu from the pigs at the fair that I almost want to claim I did, too. As though I missed out on something by not getting it.

But alas, I'm healthy. All I got from the fair was a stream of sweat down my back and giveaway plastic cups from local politicians, whom some might also call swine.


  1. It seems crazy to me that you can catch the swine flu from pigs at a county fair. I would never even guess it would be possible.

  2. The 4-H kids that bring these pigs actually lie down with them and hug them and sleep with them while at the fair. I bet not one of those kids got "swine flu". I think they're covering up some food that was tainted. But I did love your journal, especially the last sentence.

  3. Good point. Seems like all the farmers and their families would be sick. It doesn't make sense that people walking past and *maybe* petting them, would suddenly be infected.