Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Pig Gig

"Gaga for Cincinnati"
This Lady Gaga creation is wearing heels, fishnet
stockings, and yes - bacon.

The World Choir Games came to Cincinnati this summer, and a resurgence in revitalizing downtown Cincinnati went into full swing. Tours were created; parks were cleaned up; and the Big Pig Gig that originally occurred in 2000 was revamped. Local artists and sponsors teamed up to create new piggy works of art, resulting in nearly 100 pigs on display around town.

Artworks of Cincinnati hosted free walking tours that highlighted some of these pigs. I took the tour AND a million pictures. Some of my favorites are here.

Go see them before they leave in September. Who knows when Cincinnati will bring out the pigs again?

My favorite. I thought it very clever
that this piggy bank was covered with pennies.
My husband's favorite.
He says it reminds him of the movie "Hugo."

Clever ears. There was so much artistry on all the pigs.               
This pig is covered in stamps from every
country that participated in the
World Choir Games.


  1. Omigosh, your pig pics are great! We went to the World Choir Games (as I posted about) but we didn't see all these pigs.

    Also, the title of this post / the project totally made me grin.

  2. Go see them, Kristan. They are so unique. I have about 30 more pictures that I didn't post. If you wander around Fountain Square and Washington Park, you'll see most of them. Take your camera! ;)

  3. Hey, I did the Penny Pig, glad you liked it! Tonya