Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reminder to Self: See More Theater

My husband and I spent part of our trip to Canada at the Stratford Shaespeare Festival. We saw "Elektra" and it was sensational. We wished we had purchase tickets for multiple shows in the 14-show repertoire, but didn't realize that that's what people do there. In fact, we met four theater students at our B&B who were in town that week to see 10 shows.

Which made us think: we don't go to the theater enough.

When we first started dating, we had season tickets to the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival. It was our clever way of ensuring that we would continue seeing each other. Then we had a baby, and theater exited left.

But now that our daughter is older and we've remembered how much we love it, we've vowed to see more shows in our own hometown. I think perhaps we'll start with the Know Theatre in Over-the-Rhine and branch out from there. With all the theatre in Cincinnati (and yes - there's a lot), we'll have no lack of shows to see.

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