Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Think You Can Guess I'm Traditional

These days, it seems like there are two types of churches: Traditional or Modern.  I've been in many churches with pricket stands and votive candles that worshippers can light in prayer. The two displays I'll show below symbolize the two different kinds of churches, though they do not actually describe the two churches where I took these.


San Antonio, Texas
 To me, this votive display symbolizes traditional churches with pews, hymnals, an organ, a minister and choir wearing robes, and a Sunday morning devoted to church, which means that everyone is dressed in their 'Sunday Best' in reverence to God and will stay that way through Sunday dinner with the family at 3:00pm. Though I'm not very religious, these churches make me wish I were.


Grecia, Costa Rica
 In contrast, these coin-operated lightbulbs immediately make me think of huge megachurches with folding chairs to accommodate a crowd in a multi-purpose room, with plasma screens, power point slides, a congregation clad in jeans, shorts, and t-shirts, and a rock band of "American Idol" hopefuls.

I know these churches are becoming more and more popular, and that it isn't as important where you worship as that fact that you do worship. But I'm old-fashioned. If anyone lights a candle for me, I hope they'll find a church with a steeple, stained-glass windows and a robe-clad choir singing "Amazing Grace" though I think those churches are becoming harder and harder to find.

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