Friday, September 23, 2011

Passions for Art

I've always admired artists. I have absolutely no artistic (drawing) skills myself despite the fact that my mother is a wonderful artist and my father draws engineering designs. They didn't pass that gene on to me. I've tried. In fact, my mother let me take art lessons when I was younger and I improved a smidgen, but my drawings never progressed much beyond what you might see a 2nd-grader do. I'm okay with that. Even when I do try to sit down and put a picture on paper, I don't get any real enjoyment from it; no sense of accomplishment or appreciation for what I've created. I'm simply not a visual artist.

But I do love words. I love sitting down and putting words on paper. I read sentences back to myself and get immense satisfaction from the words I've chosen, the way I put them together, what they might or might not say. I can't imagine my world without words.

When I meet someone who doesn't like to write, it almost astounds me. How can you not like to make up stories, or write down your thoughts? I think. I'm sure many art teachers, and maybe my own mother have wondered the same thing when I pass on picking up a paintbrush, clay, or scissors and glue for that matter. I just don't. I don't even like to doodle. But I do love to sit and watch other people draw and paint and create.
They always seem so content.

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