Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bike Ride Over

Joe wasn't impressing anyone with his newfound zeal for bicycling to work. His co-workers knew that the real reason he rode a bike to work these days was due to a drunk driving violation and not a new appreciation for "going green" as he claimed. He came to work these days in sweaty shirts and pants sprayed at the hems with dirty gutter water. He spent the first hour of work gorging on doughnuts and panting with exertion every time he got out of his chair.

He excused himself at lunchtime every day, saying that he was going to take a few quick laps around the park so that his muscles stayed loose, but his co-workers weren't stupid. They could see him from their office windows, pushing his bike across the street, opening his flask, and passing out on the grass until he had to make a reappearance at his desk, sweaty and tired again from his noontime 'laps.'

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