Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Honey! Who Knew?

This past summer, when we picked our dog up from the dog sitter, she mentioned that his paws were swollen and bothering him. He kept licking them and gnawing at them. We could see they were red. She said she thought it might be allergies and that we should take him to a vet. We did, and she was right. He had allergies and had been licking and gnawing one paw so badly that it was infected.

We gave him his rounds of medicine and it got a little better, but not completely. Then a friend of mine said her dog had allergies, too, and did the same thing, so they gave him a spoonful of local honey every day. In fact, she and her husband were taking a spoonful of local honey every day to combat their allergies, too.

I must be the last person in the world to know this because I started telling people and they all knew this secret home remedy. Even my son. So, we went to the local farmer's market and bought some honey. If you don't know, the 'local' part is important because it has the same pollens that you're allergic to in your area.

So, we give Chipsy a spoonful of honey everyday. As soon as we ask him if he's "ready for his medicine," he runs to the kitchen and stands by the pantry. He loves the taste and it seems to work. He rarely licks his paws at all any more.

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  1. I did NOT know this remedy. Thanks for the heads-up! Riley hasn't had allergies since he was a pup, but Andy and I get them!