Wednesday, September 7, 2011

By The Sea

A dream. To live by the sea. To wander down to the pier and watch the boats swish atop the waves. To listen to the seashell-crashing white noise of the waves. To be entranced by seagulls gliding and diving along the shoreline. To become accustomed to breathing in the smell of salty air and fish, and look out onto the water with your back to the world. Truly, a dream.


  1. And I lived it, and it was wonderful!

  2. I used to live in the Philippines. Though I lived in the city, I had occasional chances to go to the sea. There is nothing like island living.

    My daughter who is 15 can't remember her trip there when she was a toddler, but she also has this dream, like yours, to live by the sea.

  3. I envy you, Jewel. Sounds wonderful. I hope your daughter gets to "live the dream." :)