Monday, July 2, 2012

Juxtaposition of Sights in Gent

Lonely Planet named the Graslei / Kornlei area of Gent as one of the "Top 7 Places To Sit and Have a Beer." I can certainly see why. This picturesque spot in medieval Gent, Belgium is a beautiful place to sit and imbibe.

I saw all the impressive, old architecture I'd expected to. It was not unlike Brugges - another hot spot for tourists, but Gent was less crowded and thereby more appealing to me.

I took the obligatory postcard shots of beautiful old buildings. Though elegant and awe-inspiring, they began to blur together. Then, amidst the architectural gems, I saw a few things that surprised me.

This message rests outside a produce and crafts market, but I never learned why. It didn't really matter; it intrigued me all the same.

Then, I veered off down an alley that was very modern in its street art graffiti and was a vast playground of shiny color in this otherwise austere town.

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  1. You are making me feel like I'm in Belguim again and I love it!