Friday, July 20, 2012


My brother is headed to London and asked me-- ME -- what he should pack. He said since I travel a lot, and I'd just been to England, he wanted to know what I thought. What I thought was  -- Wow. You made my day. He didn't know it, but his question made me feel like people see me as the traveler I want to be.

He said he wants to travel light; just a backpack if he could manage it. He's going for a week. I think he can definitely manage it. He ran through his list of clothes and I suggested he bring a jacket and umbrella and re-think whether he needs a nice outfit. He's in charge of his own itinerary. What would he need a nice outfit for? It would require another pair of shoes, too. He wondered whether he needed a real camera, or whether his iPhone would do. Definitely just an iPhone. His pictures are solely for his pleasure.

The actual advice I gave him doesn't really matter. What mattered to me is that he asked me. And seemed to look at me as some sort of expert. I'm not, but I appreciated it.

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