Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Anniversary

Today is my twelfth wedding anniversary and I spent part of it talking to my son about his upcoming wedding plans. Time goes by quickly...

As Mac talked about his wedding details, I thought back to my wedding day. It was absolutely perfect. My mom and step-father worked themselves to death getting their farm ready for my special day. I got married in their rose garden as violinists played and our friends and family gathered around. Then we moved to the backside of the house for a picnic-style reception where all the kids could run and play.

I remember the wedding in bits and spurts; flashes of memory. I remember worrying a little because the caterer hadn't arrived and the wedding was about to start. I remember thinking that my dad was walking way too slow as he led me toward my soon-to-be husband. I remember that my son's shoes hurt, and that he cried, but that I thought the tears had a lot more to do with him having to share his mother than the pain in his feet.

I remember the Best Man's toast. I remember my brother playing our wedding song on the stereo outside. I remember finally sitting down at the end of the day and unwrapping wedding presents and being completely, utterly exhausted.

My wedding was casual, down-to-earth, and perfect. Absolutely perfect. It set the tone for our marriage, if you ask me.

More than anything, I remember the excitement and elation at knowing that my best friend was now also my husband. It's been 12 years since, and I still pinch myself for being so lucky.


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    1. Thanks! It was a nice anniversary.

  2. I'm reading this and tears are swimming in my eyes as I also remember back on that beautiful Summer day and that you had found your soulmate, at last. May you two have anniversaries numbering in the 60's!

  3. Happy belated anniversary! My hubby is my best friend too. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year.