Friday, July 13, 2012

The New CVG: Cincinnati Airport

Play area for kids.

I read in the newspaper that CVG (Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati airport) plans to revamp into a one-terminal airport. As a former Delta hub whose Terminal 3 was a nightmare of long lines, I was surprised to read this and could only conclude that the airport must be close to closing. I've been flying out of Dayton the past few years where the lines for ticketing and security are much, much shorter.

But I flew out of CVG a few weeks ago on an international flight and was very impressed with the clean, spacious surroundings inside the airport terminal now. It's absolutely beautiful. And sadly, uncrowded.

They've included roomy waiting areas and plenty of places to plug-in. As someone who routinely endures long layovers, I've come to appreciate that. They also built a kids' play area (pictured above) where kids can sit and pretend to fly an airplane.

My flight plans usually depend heavily on low fares and ease of getting in and out of airports. I'd ruled CVG out before, but now it's back in the game.

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  1. I just went through CVG last week too, my first time since the remodel. (I'd been once or twice when it was still under construction.) I also think it's great!