Monday, July 30, 2012

Travelocity Top Secret

I'm not a gambler by nature. Adventurous, yes. A calculated risk-taker sometimes. A gambler, no. But when I saw the mysterious Travelocity Top Secret Hotel option on their website as I browsed for an overnight hotel on our way to Canada, I almost couldn't resist indulging in this grab-bag approach.

What did I have to lose? I figured. We were only staying there overnight. It was simply a place to rest our heads before we got up in the morning and went on our merry way.  Even if it sucked, we could tough it out for the night. Besides, I was looking at budget hotels anyway. Why not gamble on better accommodations at the same, or an actually lower price? Surely Travelocity wasn't going to put us in a raunchy, scary, oh-my-God-we're-gonna-die hotel, were they? They wanted our business, right?

I hesitated all day.  So I asked myself, Do I feel lucky?  And yes, I did.

So - click. I booked our mystery room.
How could I resist? A 3-star hotel was a step up from the budget hotels I was looking at, and $63 was less than those budgets hotels, too.
Here's where they put us:
Holiday Inn Grand Island (Buffalo / Niagara)The Holiday Inn on Grand Island, NY.

We arrived at night and walked into the spacious and busy lobby. We were road-weary and ready for bed, which was a shame because the hotel had tons of amenities that we didn't have time to explore. There were indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, room service, massage and reflexology spas, wedding services, a coffee shop, etc., etc. But we were just there to sleep.

The next morning we got back on the road and passed by beautiful waterfront houses and wished we had time to explore. Our Top Secret deal was a great bargain. Definitely worth the $63 price. I would have even paid the full $115 they were asking.

The lobby


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