Saturday, July 28, 2012

The London Olympic Opening Cermonies

The Bird's Nest in Beijing. Does London's stadium have a name? I don't know it.

I'm sure there's much talk today of last night's Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London. Here's my two cents: It was weird, but I watched.

I liked the idea of sharing London's history and really enjoyed all the references to literature. The transformation of the stage from grass-covered farms and fields to the Industrial age was a neat idea. But it all seemed to drag on. Especially the digital age piece. They really lost me there.

I was thrilled that they introduced all the nations in record time. I loved seeing the circle of colorful nations once they were all in place. And planting the flags all together was perfect.

I liked seeing David Beckham carry the torch. Especially when they told us how much he's advocated for his hometown of East London to experience economic growth.

I drifted off during the part with James Bond and the Queen, but gather that other people liked it.

Rowan Atkinson was a surprise. I wonder why they picked him? I liked his schtick. It kept me entertained.

I admit, I was a little disappointed with having seven (?) unknown athletes bestowed with the honour of lighting the torch. Seems like someone more worthy should have had that honour. But the torch itself was spectacular. Kudos to Danny Boyle for that.

But overall, when my husband asked me which I liked better, Beijing's or London's opening ceremonies, I didn't even hesitate: China. Hands down.

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