Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dining with Paula

Would you believe we got to Lady & Sons restaurant, and none other than Paula Deen herself escorted us in? We skipped the line and she whipped up a batch of cheddar biscuits and johnnycakes for us to devour as we waited for our entrees. I could have eaten an entire basketful of those.

Then we started with fried green tomatoes topped with a dollop of salsa. It didn't matter that by then we were already getting full, because we had meatloaf sandwiches with wild mushroom mayonnaise and crab cake sandwiches with battered, fried red potato slices coming out of the kitchen. It was all fantastic, but there was no room for dessert. So we bid Paula a "Bye, Ya'll" and left.

Okay, we didn't really see Paula or her sons, but we did have a delicious meal. We went a little early, expecting to wait in a long line for a reservation, but ended up giving our names to the hostess and walking right in. The food was great and our server was very friendly and knowledgeable about Savannah. She made great suggestions of where we might go and what we would see. You could tell she had a lot of pride in her city and we were anxious to race out and see everything she'd told us about. But remember, we'd just eaten at Paula Deen's, so we waddled out with full bellies and strolled at a snail's pace instead.


  1. Good to know! When we were in Savannah, we wanted to eat there, but we heard the lines were horrendous. (I wonder if her diabetes announcement has hurt their business?)

  2. We went a few years ago...had a reservation and didn't wait long at all. No Paula for us either, but a delightful waitress who made our lunch a great laugh! Truth be told, I'm a different kind of cook then Paula, but I'd go back in a living minute for some more of that lovely hospitality.

  3. Don't get me wrong -- the restaurant and the gift shop were packed! And there was a line of people waiting for reservations, so I don't think her diabetes has hurt her business or reputation too badly.

    For us, this was a 'must' on our list of things to do in Savannah. We enjoyed the food and atmosphere and just the idea that we were within Paula's realm. It was a great start to our Savannah trip.

  4. I read Paula Deen's memoir last year (I think it was last year?) and loved reading it a lot. I learned a lot about her that I never knew before like the fact that she suffered from agoraphobia and had had an affair with a married man. Paula Deen seems like a warm and genuine person.