Friday, April 6, 2012

To Peep or Not To Peep

The Seven Sisters gift shop on Tybee Island is hosting a Peeps Show and Peeps Sculpture Contest this Easter weekend. Contestants are asked to make a sculpture using sugary candy peeps as their medium. They showed a "Give Peeps a Chance" peace symbol and a sundress made of peeps as examples. We're not entering, partly because my  future daughter-in-law loves peeps and says she'd eat them all before we could finish. That didn't stop us, though, from thinking of themes we might use:

  • Hamlet -- To Peep or Not to Peep
  • Peeps clipped to a clothesline -- "Hangin' With My Peeps"
  • Peeps on a stage with props -- Peep Show
  • A peep with a name badge -- "Peeping Tom"
  • A peep with a hood -- Peeps in the Hood
  • Rainbow -- Peeps forming a rainbow that ends in a pot of colored eggs

What would you make?

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