Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fit Like A Weird Kind Of Glove

My son and his fiance rave about their Vibram FiveFingers shoes. They wore them everywhere in Savannah and often drew attention and questions from passersby. They pleaded with the rest of us to "just try them," so we finally headed to the Birkenstock shop on Broughton Street and tried some on.

I'll admit, they were more comfortable than I expected. But they're not for everyone. When I walked in them, my foot rolled onto my instep -- something I needed corrective shoes for as a baby. My mother liked them, but couldn't get them on by herself since she has neuropathy in one foot and can't feel her toes enough to fit them into their 'fingers.' And my husband, who wears a quadruple-E, just couldn't fit into them, period.

Our twentysomethings shrugged at our bad luck and walked out of there in brand new FiveFingers. Ah, to have the feet of the young!


  1. My friend has a pair and raves about them. I could see myself getting into them -- the way I got into crocs -- but I don't know if I could wear them around all the time.

  2. Hi Juliann,
    I've seen these odd-looking shoes in stores and have wondered how they feel.
    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment.